Bluetooth Accessories: UBiQUiO Skype Bluetooth Keyboard

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UBiQUiO Skype Bluetooth KeyboardThe UBiQUiO Skype Bluetooth Keyboard is a small form bluetooth keyboard for PDAs and symbian phones.  It folds in half to minimise its footprint when not in use and comes with a good quality leather storage pouch.  The keyboard runs on two AAA batteries, which are claimed to provide 80 hours of continuous life or 2000 hours on standby.

Installation of the keyboard on the Nokia N95 was not very straightforward.  Firstly the software for the keyboard has to be downloaded from a website.  Then the driver for the keyboard has to be unlocked, using one of the two serial numbers provided on the back of the manual, after which you can gain access to the keyboard.  Quite why you cannot just directly connect the keyboard using a provided driver is not understood by the team here at Computer-Takeaway.

The keyboard itself is fairly robust and comfotable to use and although smaller than a standard keyboard delivers a similar feel and useability.  The keyboard is locked open with a simple slide catch made of plastic, which although suitably stable for flat surfaces, did not give us confidence for using on our knees or other uneven surfaces. One nice addition to the design is the pull out stand for the PDA or mobile phone, which is helpful to prevent neck strain when typing.  The keyboard is mainly aimed at skype users with many shortcut keys for that purpose.

Although small when folded, the keyboard is still too big to fit into a pocket, and this is where the keyboard fails against the smaller fabric and roll up keyboards which when packed take up much less room.

At £49.99 (eXpansys) the UBiQUiO Skype Bluetooth Keyboard is the around same price as bluetooth fabric keyboards such as those produced by G-Tech and Elekson and we feel that these offer better functionality for their relative size.