Mobile and PDA: Krusell HORIZON XSmall Long

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Krusell-Universal-Phone-&-Camera caseIf you need a stylish mobile case for business the Krusell HORIZON is the one for you.  Designed to fit smaller smartphones and mobile phones, the case was tested with the Nokia e65 (dimensions: 105 x 49 x 15.5mm ), which fits snugly in to the very sturdy and well constructed leather case.

The case is composed from two layers of handstitched quality leather, with a large flap held in place with a magnetic catch.  There are well thought out cut outs for headphones, power adapters and auxilliary mobile phone buttons, which allowed the Nokia e65 to be charged and the handsfree kit to be attached without removing the phone from the case. The case comes with the excellent multidapt system for belt attachment or alternatively there are belt clips sewn into the case which allow more permanent attachment to belts.

The Krusell HORIZON is an quality case, especially suitable for business users.  The adaptability of the case also makes it suitable for smaller mobile phones from more obscure manufacturers and also small digital cameras. As with all Krusell products the case comes with a lifetime warranty, although with the quality of the Krusell cases, it is unlikely you would need to use it.