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Mobile and PDA: Noreve Tradition leather case (Nokia N95 8Gb)

(4 votes, average 3.75 out of 5)

Noreve Nokia 95 Case ShutThe Mobile and PDA: Noreve Nokia N95 8Gb Tradition leather case is a stylish and robust case and similarly to other cases allows  attachment to your person using a belt clip (optional).

The case received for review was made from good quality hand stitched leather and it was obvious that thought had been put into the design process. The case is available in 12 colours, so there should be a colour to match your purposes.

The phone is held in the case by a snug fitting inner casing, which still allows access to all of the controls of the phone and sliding of the screen in both directions.  The nature of this inner case provides excellent protection to both the sides and ends of the phone, which is missed in some other manufacturers cases.Noreve Nokia N95 8GB Case Open


A nice factor with this case is that it does not significantly increase the dimensions of the phone in comparison with other full cases, but offers amlost equivalent if not enhanced protection to the phone.

Nice details such as two microSD memory card holders and a magentic catch for closing the case compare favourably with other products on the market (see our other reviews).

The difference with this case compared to others reviewed as yet is that the camera lens is completely protected due to the design of the case, which although makes it moderately more difficult to take pictures, is not a bad trade off.

All in all, this Noreve Nokia N95 8Gb Tradition leather case is a good compromise between protection and style for what is a significant investment.


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