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Audio: Edifier Luna 2 desktop PC speaker set

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edifier-luna-2_3The majority of speakers that are supplied with PCs tend to be fairly underpowered and provide a somewhat substandard audio playback.  The market has massive numbers of cheaper PC speakers, but more powerful speakers capable of a well rounded audio reproduction are few and far between.

We have recently reviewed a number of Edifier products and were interested to find out that they had extended their range to incorporate a new set of PC speakers the Edifier Luna 2 desktop PC speaker set.  At first glance they look like a standard pair of PC speakers, but on closer inspection they can be seen to be anything but standard.

The Luna 2 speaker set are certainly a step up from the rest of the crowd and the manufacturing quality is as good as any Edifier product we have reviewed up until now.  Each speaker has a substantial weight behind it (~2Kgs each) and the finish is superb.  The speakers are built in heavy duty polished black plastic and are mounted on a brushed aluminium base. 

luna_2_1Each speaker is round with a semicircular notch cut out from the top, which on the right (active) speaker provides space for the touch activated control panel, which provides buttons for selection of volume levels and input, which glows a different colour to indicate which input is in use.  However, the touch activated control panel is capable of more than just input selection and volume control when connected to a PC.  As well as these functions the speakers can be used to control most media players (Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, Foobar etc.).  Once connected through the USB port, swiping of your finger left or right across the control panel causes the media player to advance or return to the previous track in a playlist.  If you place your hand over the control panel for a few seconds the system will mute itself and playback of media will be paused, while tapping the control panel again will resume playback.

Input jacks (for optical, USB and Aux) are located on the back of the right speaker as well as the RCA jack for connection of the left (passive) speaker.  Helpfully, Edifier also includes every cable required for function, including USB-to-mini USB, 3.5-to-3.5mm and RCA-to-3.5mm adaptor cables, and the RCA-RCA cable for connecting the two speakers together.  There is even an optical cable included!

The technical specifications of the speakers is very impressive, with each speaker rated at 30W RMS and incorporating a 87.5mm full-range driver and a 17.5mm tweeter.  The important thing about the Luna 2 speakers set (and the factor that qualifies the price tag) is the use of a Class-D amplifier, which improves the sound quality whilst minimising heat output and allowing the small footprint of the speakers.

edifier-luna-2_2Sound quality during playback of everything from classical to rock to dance through the PC was well defined.  Even using a standard 3.5mm input from an iPod the playback was excellent, providing good reproduction of vocals, percussion and bass notes (although if we were being picky, we thought the bass slightly lacked warmth).

As a set of PC speakers for the average user the Edifier Luna 2 desktop speaker set is probably a bit excessive, both in volume levels and also price (~£250).  However, for those with a bit of spare cash who use their PC as a jukebox or home cinema, the speakers couldn't be better, providing a well-rounded reproduction of any audio with the volume to fill any room, whilst taking up a really small desk footprint.

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