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Audio: Edifier MP300 Plus 2.1 Portable Speaker System

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edifier_mp300plusWe are all used to the standard PC/laptop speakers, which tend to be more of a hindrance to our deskspace rather than an enhancement to our standard laptop speakers.  As such we were truly astounded by the power and the quality of the Edifier MP300 Plus speaker system.

The Edifier MP300 Plus 2.1 Portable Speaker System comes in a dedicated carry case and comprises a tubular metal sub-woofer (9W) and two small globe-shaped mid/high frequency drivers (2.5W).  The system, due to its size and design, proves to be incredibly discrete compared to other system, with the sub-woofer designed to sit behind the laptop and the two smaller speakers, to sit either side.  Two 3.5mm audio cables are provided: a shorter cable for use with laptops and a longer cable, presumably for use with PC base units or small electronics equipment.

The overall finish to the unit is incredibly good, and the styling makes them blend very well on a desk, with dimensions of only 151 (W) x 223 (H) x 245 (D)mm for the sub-woofer and each satellite measuring only 92 (W) x 115(H) x 90(D)mm.  There is only a small red LED to tell whether the unit is on, and the there are two discrete chrome buttons for volume control and power.  The only slight drawback is the lack of a remote control, but since the unit is designed for use with laptops, this is no deal breaker.

edifier_mp300plus_in_caseDue to the addition of a carry case and the small overall dimensions, the speakers are ideal for travellers, and they only weigh 1.4Kg.  Additionally the power adaptor supplied is suitable for use throughout the world making them ideal for holidays and business trips.

During our testing we were amazed by the quality and the sheer power of the speakers.  Bass lines were well reproduced as well as the higher frequencies.  We noted no distortion in any of the music we played back presumably due to the Electric Intelligent Distortion Control (E.I.D.C.) system that detects and adjusts the M300s to avoid input overload.  We did note that the mid range was very slightly lacking in some of the music we played, however it was so slight to be almost unnoticeable.  Film and game sound tracks and effects were very well reproduced and provided a marked improvement over any headset that we have tested.

As a mobile set of speakers for laptops or even stationary speakers for desktops we can definitely recommend the Edifier MP300 Plus 2.1 Portable Speaker System, we haven't heard any speakers which can give such impressive sound from such a small footprint unit.

Available from:

Amazon: Edifier MP300 Plus Black 2.1 Speaker System with slim subwoofer and carry case

Microdirect: Edifier MP300 Plus Black 2.1 Speaker System with slim subwoofer and carry case


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