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Notebook Cooler: Antec Notebook Cooler 200

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Antec NBC200Antec have recently expanded their notebook cooler range with the Antec Notebook Cooler 200, aimed at use with high end gaming laptops where performance is normally the manufacturer's main concern, not optimal cooling.

The design of most laptops relies upon the laptop being placed on a rigid surface to allow for air to circulate freely beneath the casing.  However this is quite often not their usual working environment.  When laptops are used on laps, air flow is significantly recued to the base of the laptop and as a result components can become warmer, increasing the risk of hardware crashing, or worse.

We recently reviewed the Antec Notebook Cooler which appeared to be aimed at standard laptops, with less need of intensive graphics and CPU applications and the Antec Notebook Cooler 200 is obviously a step up in cooling power for high specification laptops (which generally generate more heat).

The unit measures 2.2 cm (H) x 33 cm (W) x 28.4 cm (D) and weighs only 0.7 kg (definitely a consideration if it is going to be residing in your lap for long periods of time!).  It has a very space age design and is manufactured from a combination of thick black plastic and aluminium with raised clear plastic pedestals for postioning of the laptops feet.  At the center of the cooler is the 200mm Antec Big Boy fan encased in a steel mesh cage.

Antec NBC200 2The notebook cooler is powered through a single USB port, so there are no additional power adaptops needed for use.  There are two speed settings for the Big Boy fan: low speed is capable of an airflow of 87.9 CFM and high speed is capable of airflows of 115.7 CFM, both of which should keep any laptop cool.  In addition the cool blue LEDs of the Big Boy fan can be turned on or off dependant on your whim.

We found the Antec Notebook Cooler 200 is definitely a upgrade over the previous Antec Notebook Cooler, and we noticed that after having the notebook cooler on our laps for a while, our legs and knees started to get cold! (even with low fan settings).  The unit is very well designed so that it fits comfortably in your lap and gives a very stable platform for typing or gameplay and there is almost no noise from the Big Boy fan (27.1 dBA under high setting).  Due to the superb cooling abilites we also noticed that the fans on our laptops didn't spin up during testing either.

If you spend a lot of time gaming ona  high-end laptop, it is essential that you provide adequate cooling or at the very least try to allow space under the laptop for heat dissapation.  If you spend most of your time with your laptop in your lap it is unlikely that these conditions will be optimal to airflow, in which case a laptop cooling solution is definitely recommended, and if you want one of the best buy yourself an Antec Notebook Cooler 200.

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