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Antec introduces TruePower New series of power supplies

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March 2, 2009

Antec introduces TruePower New series of power supplies
~ TruePower New series delivers advanced system efficiency and stability at affordable price

Antec, Inc., the global provider of high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and do-it-yourself markets, today announced the TruePower New series, the latest addition to the TruePower line of power supply units. The original TruePower set the standard for stable, high-performance PSUs, and now the TruePower New series introduces advanced features for improved system efficiency, stability and reliability.

The energy-efficient TruePower New achieves the rare 80 PLUS® Bronze certification of at least 82 per cent efficiency at a wide range of operating loads, lowering operation costs whilst protecting the environment. Active Power Factor Correction (Active PFC) also helps reduce electrical waste, boosting the TruePower New’s efficient energy usage. The TruePower New series features a variety of industrial-grade safety circuitry to help protect your computer: Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), and Over Current Protection (OCP).

While maintaining features from past TruePower lines, such as Active PFC and Universal Input to automatically adjust for 100V to 240V power grids, the TruePower New series introduces new features previously seen in Antec’s high-end, award-winning Signature Series. Such features include a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) fan, which runs up to 50 per cent quieter than traditional voltage-controlled fans, and high-quality Japanese capacitors for enhanced system reliability. DC to DC conversion for the 5V and 3.3V rails also helps improve stability. The TruePower New introduces these advanced features while preserving the affordable price.

The TruePower New is available in four models: the 550-watt TP-550, the 650-watt TP-650, the 750-watt TP-750, and the TP-750 Blue with internal blue LED illumination. With +12V rails that are regulated to ±3 per cent, the TruePower New delivers full-rated power and tight voltage regulation. The TruePower New series is designed to support EPS12V v2.91 and ATX12V v2.3 systems.

Additional product features include Advanced Hybrid Cable Management to reduce cable clutter and improve airflow throughout the chassis, as well as a double layer printed circuit board to allow for heavy duty components and larger traces. The TruePower New series is NVIDIA™ SLI™-Ready certified.

“The original TruePower set the standard for performance and stability,” said Scott Richards, senior vice president at Antec. “Now, the TruePower New series expands on that tradition while also offering advanced features from our Signature Series, at an affordable price.”

The TruePower New series is available now for an estimated price of £85 for the TP-550, £98.50 for the TP-650, £113 for the TP-750, and £120 for the TP-750 Blue. All models are backed by Antec’s quality five-year limited warranty. For additional product information, full technical specifications and an updated list of compatible cases, please visit:

About Antec, Inc.
Antec, Inc. is the global leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets. Founded in 1986, Antec is recognized as a pioneer in the industry and has maintained its position as a worldwide market leader and international provider of quiet, efficient and innovative products. Antec has also achieved great success in the distribution channel, meeting the demands of quality-conscious system builders, VARs and integrators.

Antec’s offering of enclosures includes a wide range of cases, such as its advanced Performance One Series, economical New Solution Series and VERIS family of media components designed for the home theater PC market. Antec’s products also include front line power supplies, such as its premium Signature Series, powerful TruePower Quattro Series and EarthWatts, one of the most environmentally friendly power supplies available. PC gamers are an increasingly significant consumer of performance components, and many Antec products are designed for the gaming demographic, like the premier gamer enclosure, the Nine Hundred. Antec also offers a line of computer accessories comprising many original products, including its patented LED fans and notebook cooling solutions.

Antec is headquartered in Fremont, California, with additional offices in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, as well as in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, China and Taiwan. The company’s products are sold in more than 40 countries throughout the world. Please visit:
for more information.

As part of its commitment to the gaming industry, Antec is a member of the non-profit PC Gaming Alliance, with Senior Vice President Scott Richards sitting on the board of directors.


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