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Life Doesn’t Stand Still for the Camera; New App Stabilizes Shaky Videos Shot on Mobile Phones, Pocket Camcorders, Even DSLR Cameras


proDAD, a world-class developer of digital video effects plug-ins and image optimization technologies for professional video editors and broadcast professionals as well as aspiring pros, today announced Mercalli Easy, a Windows app letting consumers easily fix shaky videos posting to YouTube, Facebook, etc. While some smart phones, pocket camcorders and DSLR cameras have image stabilization for video, it’s not effective in all situations. The result is many videos captured by these devices are shaky and consumers simply put up with excessive shake in their videos because they think there is no alternative.

Mercalli Easy


Mercalli Easy puts an end to the common problem of shaky video by putting highly effective video stabilization into a simple drag & drop app for Windows that can quickly stabilize the video and perform some basic editing. The video is then ready to be shared via popular social media & video sharing sites, copied to mobile devices, or turned into a DVD. It is not always possible to shoot video on a tri-pod, and some of the best video comes from shooting from a moving car, while on a boat, etc. Mercalli Easy lets the user focus on capturing a great shot, knowing it can be stabilized later.


In addition to removing the shake from video, Mercalli Easy fixes another common, though less understood problem: Rolling-shutter distortion. Video professionals know that rolling-shutter is a problem related to CMOS imaging sensors that are found in virtually every camera and camcorder today, and occurs almost anytime the camera is moved while shooting, or while shooting fast action. Because of the way a CMOS sensor captures an image, scanning from the top of the sensor to the bottom, a moving camera or image will encounter skew or wobble distortion as the image has moved slightly during this scanning process. Consumers only know the image looks wonky; though easily improved with Mercalli Easy.


Key Features of Mercalli Easy:

  • Quickly & easily removes shake from otherwise good video clips
  • Automatically corrects/improves rolling-shutter distortion, skew and wobble
  • Basic editing features – rotate video, click & drag trim editing for beginning and end of video clip
  • Based on the same great Mercalli video stabilization technology relied on by video professionals world-wide


“Effective video stabilization and image enhancement used to be only in the realm of the professional” said Andreas Huber, Managing Director of proDAD. “We’ve seen the need for this technology at the consumer level also and created Mercalli Easy with this exact need in mind. With Mercalli Easy, users can stabilize their videos, correct rolling shutter, and do basic editing based on the power of our professional technology, but without the complexity.”


Pricing and Availability:

Mercalli Easy is currently available for $14.95 on the Mercalli Easy website, proDAD offers a full line of professional & semi-professional digital video effects, video titling/trailer animation, and professional video stabilization products, offered as plug-ins for popular non-linear editing (NLE) applications. Learn more at


About proDAD:

proDAD is dedicated to bringing high quality video effects plug-ins and stand-alone applications to professional, hobbyist , and consumer video enthusiasts . proDAD products have won numerous awards for delivering spectacular results while being easy to use and offering exceptional value. Other proDAD products include MERCALLI video stabilization & rolling-shutter correction plug-in for Mac/Win NLEs, HEROGLYPH title/trailer animation plug in, and ADORAGE effects packages with over 17,000 special effects for aspiring pro video editors, and VITASCENE professional effects, transitions, and filters.


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