Computer Takeaway

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  • Games   ( 13 Articles )
    Whether it's online, offline, single player or multiplayer we aim to have it here! Look out for our latest reviews for games on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PC.
  • External Data Storage   ( 20 Articles )
    Here you will find everything for data backup and transfer.  In our latest reviews we have reviewed everything from USB data drives to full two drive RAID enclosures.
  • Input Peripherals   ( 13 Articles )
    From digital pens to wireless keyboards sets, we will review them all here.
  • LCD Monitors/TVs   ( 4 Articles )
    Looking for new screen or monitor, have a look through our reviews and see what's available.
  • Mobile Phones and Accessories   ( 47 Articles )
    Have a look through our reviews of the latest mobile phones and PDAs and relevant accessories to make life that little bit easier!
  • Network Components   ( 11 Articles )
    Whether you want to wire a network or go completely wireless, read our reviews of the latest hubs, switches and routers.
  • PC and Laptop Accessories   ( 73 Articles )
    You can find our independant reviews of everything from USB sound cards to laptop bags in this section.
  • PC cases and enclosures   ( 17 Articles )
    Here you will find our reviews of all of the latest desktop and media center cases.
  • PC components   ( 18 Articles )
    Take a look at our reviews of components to build the PC you want.  Make sure you check our reviews before you buy.
  • Software   ( 78 Articles )

    We all need software for various applications, so check out our reviews of the latest packages to be released.