Online Surveys

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As many resourceful people are aware, there is the opportunity to earn money online through applying to receive and complete online surveys in return for cash or prizes.

There are many sites that promote their ability to make you enough money to work permanently from home, most of which require a subscription, and few of which have good reviews for living up to their claims.

In reality, filling out forms or questionnaires is never going to make you enough money to work from home!  The most you will make from these sites, at least in my experience, is the occasional amazon voucher, and possibly the odd small cash reward or prize.  The rewards are generally proportional to the time you take to complete the surveys, so don't expect a massive windfall.

Out of the many survey companies out their on the web I have selected the best four to refer you to, should you wish to earn yourself the odd reward or voucher.  In my experience, these are the most rewarding available:

Ciao ( offers users the ability to fill out surveys through an online interface.Rewards are generally in the region of £0.50 to £2.50, with the option, in addition to the surveys, to write review of products to earn extra cash.

GlobalTestMarket ( rewards users with "MarketPoints" for filling out surveys, which are redeemed in dollars and then converted to your local currency (1 "MarketPoint" = $0.05).

Testandvote ( gives points for completeing surveys, that can be converted into amazon vouchers (40,000 points for a £10 voucher).

Opinion World ( offers entry into prize draws and the occasional cash reward for participating in surveys.

Realistically, over the course of a few months, filling in the majority of surveys,  you should be able to make ~£30 using all of the features of these sites.

 Go out there and make yourselves some extra cash, but don't give up your day job!!