Computer Takeaway at "The Gadget Show Live 2011"

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Despite not being able to make the press day on the 12th of April, a couple of us did manage to mosey on down on Friday the 15th to take in the spectacle that was The Gadget Show Live 2011.  First up we'd like to apologise to anyone we missed on the stalls, as I'm sure you can understand the place was packed and everyone was busy!

gadget_show_liveThe main message for us was the massive outbreak of 3DTVs and 3D graphics packages that have been released (Nvidia, Zotac etc.) or are in the process of being developed (Sony Playstation 3 etc.).  For us, the PC based 3D gave by far the best results providing excellent depth to the games (excuse the pun!). A quick mention here for the brilliant stand hosted by Chris and co. who were hosting the Steelseries and Zotac stand which looked fantastic, we had great fun playing Batman: Arkham Asylum in 3D running on one of the Zotac 3D Vision enabled GeForce cards and using a Steelseries gaming headset for in-game sound and music - both brands are well worth checking out if you fancy enhancing your PC gaming experience.

In amongst the rest was plenty to keep us reviewers happy, including a mini "Robot Wars" battle arena that was open to the public (many a grudge match was being fought out here!).  If you fancy your own mini robots there were various desktop "robots" that caught our eye, amongst which were the "Skitterbot" and "Trekbot" (if you want to learn more click here).  One of the best robots, for those of us out there that don't have much time for cutting the grass, had to be one of the "Automower series" from Husqvarna which are mulching automated, self-charging lawnmowing robots that do all the hard work.

For PC builders, we were given a good tour of the newest case from Antec, the LanBoy Air, a really impressive (if somewhat garish) modular and fully customisable enclosure for gamers.  For those of you that have multiple devices that require charging on a regular basis we were introduced to the IDAPT range of universal chargers, a fantastic Bluetooth handsfree kit from Vivifi that comes in the form of a Bluetooth rear view mirror, and a cool set of personal VDU TV glasses that can be used with a range of sources from TV to iphone from Vuzix.