In-ear headphones: Urbanista London review

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Urbanista London BoxIntroduction:

There is a vast array of headphones to choose from on the market ranging from classic over the ear to in-ear headphones depending on your preference. Most in-ear type headsets follow a common style however the company Urbanista have set out to make a change to the norm with their range of headsets and their latest in-ear headphone, the Urbanista London are different indeed, exuding the normal Urbanista style.



  • Speaker size: φ10 mm
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB±3 dB SPL @ 1 KHz
  • Impedance: 16 ohms±15% @ 1 KHz
  • Frequency: 20-20000 Hz
  • Plug: 3,5mm stereo + Adapter cable for Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung ETC included
  • Handsfree with microphone
  • Cable: Main cable diametre: 3.0mm Length: 75cm (Cable from fork to plug). Secondary cord Length : 28 cm (cable from fork to plug)
  • Weight: 9 g (without cable)
  • Works with iPad and iPhone

Urbanista London packageReview:

As can be seen from the photos, the design of the Urbanista London headset is quite different to the usual subdued in-ear headphone design, with a bold lightweight metal frame. Even the packaging shows off the headphones well, with each headphone packaged like a cufflink in a jewelery style box.  In addition to the headphone case, the London headset comes with an adaptor for non-standard audio jacks, and a selection of different size earbuds to suit the wearer. The headset can also act as a handsfree, with the microphone discretely built into the cabling which itself at 75 cm long isn't restrictive.

Despite the metal frame the headphones are very light and comfortable to wear, with the microphone at just the right height for optimum pickup. We tested them on an Acer Liquid Android smartphone we had lying around as a random test, and the London headphone worked well in all out tests. During calls the microphone provided excellent pickup, whilst the headphones themselves gave a clear reproduction of both caller's voices as well as excellent audio playback whatever the media we ran through at it (video, audio and games).  The Urbanista London headphones gave a well balanced audio reproduction across the range, and with the correct earbuds, very little background noise could be heard.

The stylish design makes them stand out from the crowd and makes them as much a fashion accessory as a phone/tablet accessory. From out tests it was clear that as much time had been put in to the audio reproduction as in to the looks and all the effort has paid dividends.

Urbanista LondonPrice:

~£40 (available from Amazon)


4.5/5 - Often the looks don't match the performance with products, however in this case they deserve each other: Excellent looks, with excellent performance!