Mobile and PDA: Freedom Mobile Power Portable Charger (MiniUSB)

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freedom_mobile_power_1In previous reviews we have looked at portable power solutions in the form of the Powertraveller Powermonkey eXplorer and the iGo PowerXtender, both of which provide power on the go to a variety of handheld devices through the use of power tips (or "monkeynuts") specific to the specific device type.

In this review we are looking at the Freedom Mobile Power portable charger which rather than try to cater for everything is tailored specifically for devices that utilise a miniUSB port for charging.  This does slightly limit its' market, however, all BlackBerry and HTC devices tend to use this form of power interface and a lot of mobile phone manufacturers are starting to follow suit.

freedom_mobile_power__openThe Freedom Mobile Power device is manufactured out of aluminium with a black gloss finish and has dimensions of 14 x 38 x 84 mm, making it easily small enough to carry alongside a phone/PDA.   The lid of the device is magnetic and can be attached to the base whilst in use so that it is harder to lose.  The battery at the heart of the Freedom Mobile Power device is an 1800mAH lithium polymer battery capable of charging HTCs/BlackBerrys up to two times, equivalent to roughly 9 hours of extra talktime.  Charge time of the device itself if roughly four hours through a mains power point and take slightly longer when charged from a computer USB port.  A series of three LEDs report on the current charge state of the device (Orange - charging, Green - fully charged, Red - charging phone) which make usage very clear and simple.

freedom_mobile_power_red_light_onIn summary, this is another very useful device especially designed for business HTC/BlackBerry users spending a lot of time travelling.  It appears durable and well manufactured and is agreat contender in the portable power solutions market.

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Amazon: Freedom Mobile Power