Mobile and PDA: iGo Everywhere Power 3500 Charger

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iGo Everywhere Power 1The iGo Everywhere Power 3500 Charger has been available for a while now, but it still provides a useful service for the charging of small handheld devices.  Although this is not a standalone battery backup (it requires mains power or equivalent for function) it does solve the problem of carying a multitude of power cables for each and every handheld device.

The iGo Everywhere Power 3500 Charger is supplied with the iGo Everywhere Power adapter (smooth metallic blue box about the size of a pack of cards), iGo DualPower adapter (for connecting devices), Electronic Device Input Cord (for connecting devices), Standard Wall Outlet AC Power Cord, Auto/Air EmPower DC Power Cord and a zippered carrying pouch (in black).

From either the mains adaptor, car cigarette lighter adapter or air adaptor (for aeroplanes that utilise this power interface) the iGo Everywhere Power 3500 Charger can charge up to two devices (sharing a maximum of 15W).  In order to interface with every different type of mobile device, PDA, mp3 player etc. iGo provide a series of iTips (interchangeable between iGo products) that are compatible with each different type of device.  These have to be purchased separately to the main device.

iGo Everywhere Power 3Connection is simple to any device (providing the correct iTip has been bought), if one device is to be charged, the electronic device input cord is used, and if two devices are used, the iGo DualPower adapter is required.  We found that during charging the main unit tended to heat up slightly.  There is a blue LED that lights when the main unit has power, however, there is no indication on the unit to let you know when devices are fully charged.

In summary, the iGo Everywhere Power 3500 Charger is a viable alternative to carrying handfuls of seperate peripheral chargers for each and every device you use on a day to day basis.  If you want backup power on the move, when a power supply isn't available it is worth considering a power backup device such as the Powertraveller Powermonkey eXploreriGo powerXtender battery operated charger or Freedom Mobile Power Portable Charger (MiniUSB).

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