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edifier_luna_5The market is flooded with iPod accessories and a large majority are speaker systems.  The quality of the speaker systems varies significantly from cheaper ~£30 portable speaker sets and alarm clocks up to £400 the best high end rigs.  The quality of the sound varies significantly across the board, and very few low end systems deliver a sound quality deserved by the iPod connected to it.  Edifier have released the Luna 5 to provide high end system with a price to match that of systems of lesser quality.

The Edifier Luna 5 is a sleek black dish shaped sound system, with a black gloss finish, that rests on a smart brushed metal base.  The overall finish is of very high quality and it is obvious that a lot of care has been taken to produce a quality chassis for the speakers.  The system incorporates a 14.6 cm woofer, two 7 cm mid-range and two 6.3 cm tweeters which are capable of a total output of 55W.  All of this is incorporated within a package measuring 49 cm tall, 37 cm wide and 24 cm deep at its extremities. The base also has a built in floating docking system for iPods (the system is swappable so as to accomodate most forms of iPod) which help isolate them from any vibration by the subwoofer of the system.

edifier_luna_5_3The basic system controls are available as red lit touch sensitive buttons on the base of the sound system, which allow control over the volume, input selection and track selection/radio frequency, and a retro style LED display for monitoring changes (the controls really reminded of the old style Band & Olufsen systems).   The included sturdy remote control allows far better command over the system with control over bass and treble and more detailed control over the attached iPod and its menu system.

Besides the ability to dock iPods, the Edifier Luna 5 can also accept any sound input via a 2.5 mm jack.  It is supplied with 3.5mm to RCA, 2.5mm to 3.5mm jack-to-jack, and 3.5mm to 2.5mm jack-to-socket adaptor cables to allow easy connection.  However the input is hidden behind a rubber cover that is not the most elegant cover or indeed convenient way to access and utilise the input.

The proof of the pudding comes with audio quality, all of the tracks we played through our iPod were well represented in terms of treble and bass (after we had set them to our liking as we found the default settings somewhat lacked bass) and the volume was more than sufficient for anything up to a large room.  From classical through to rock, bass and treble were well balanced with no hint of distortion even at high volumes.  Amazingly (and most likely due to the dish shaped design and speaker orientation) stereo reproduction was also impressive.

edifier_luna_5_2The FM radio tuner is excellent but does require a strong signal and if you have a poor signal there is no option for attachment of an external aerial and the system would really have benefited from a DAB radio tuner.

The Edifier Luna 5, like the impressive MP300 Plus speaker set, is a very well designed and sturdy system aimed at providing excellent sound reproduction, which it does well, and we would definitely recommend the system for iPod enthusiasts who want the best docking system for their money.

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Amazon: Edifier IF500 Luna 5 Speaker Docks -Black