Mobile and PDA: Expertshield Screen Protector

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expertshield-screen-protectAs an alternative or addition to phone cases screen shields provide, as the name suggests, offer protection to the most susceptible part of the phone to damage, the LCD.  Without providing protection you are opening up your phone screen to damage by scratching which could eventually lead to the need for a replacement screen.

Expertshield were kind enough to send us a sample of an Expertshield for one of our Nokia N95 8GB smartphones.  The screen protectors are manufactured from optical grade "CrystalFilm" which consists of a scratch resistant top layer and a silicon gel layer that helps bond the screen to the surface of the phone or PDA screen.  The Expertshield screen protector came with detailed instructions for installation and the package even included a cloth to aid with cleaning of the screen before and after application of the screen protector.

We have to say that the screen protector compared favourably to the Martin Shields Overlay Plus screen protector that we have reviewed previously, providing an almost imperceptible protective layer over the screen.  There was very little difference in the vibrance of the screen colours or contrast.  The only slight downside to the package was the lack of any smaller protectors for the camera optics and flash as we have found included with other screen protectors.

As with other screen protectors, the Expertshield screen protectoris easily removed, cleaned and, if desired, reapplied with the minimum of fuss.  This can be done by simply peeling them away from the screen either by pushing a thin object between the suface of the screen and the protector, or by using a piece of sticky tape to get leverage and force the protector away from the screen.

The Expertshield screen protector provides and excellent way of protecting the most important component of your mobile or PDA, and variations are available for most makes of mobile phones and PDAs and are certainly very reasonably priced (~£5).