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motor-monkeyExpanding on their line of mobile phone battery chargers and solar chargers, Powertraveller's latest edition to their range is the Motormonkey in-car charger.  We have been very impressed the Powertraveller products we have previously reviewed (Powertraveller Powermonkey eXplorer and the Powertraveller Powergorilla) both of which performed well in our tests.

Promoted as the world's smallest in-car charger, the Motormonkey is (as usual) well presented in a glossy packaging  which contains the shiny steel encased Motormonkey (which is indeed very small: 43mm in length and 24mm in diameter), a USB retractable cable and tips for connecting a range of devices, inclusing Nokia and mini Nokia tips, micro and mini USB tips (for Motorola Razr, BlackBerry and other USB powered devices), a Sony-Ericsson K750i wide adaptor, a DC 4.0 adaptor for Sony PSP and some digital cameras, and a LG Chocolate adaptor.  Further tips for less popular power plugs are available from Powertraveller.  Charging of iPods is also possible by plugging the iPod USB cable directly into the USB port on the Motormonkey and it would appear that pretty much any device that charges from a USB cable can be charged in the same way.

The benefits of the Motoromonkey are clear: there is no longer the need to fill the glovebox or center console of the car with a multitide of cables (for sat nav devices, PDAs, mobile phones etc.) and the small footprint of the actual Motormonkey allows it to remain permanently in the lighter socket of the car.  The intelligent circuitry built in to the Motormonkey also means that it will automatically shut down when not in use or when an attached device has been fully charged, meaning that the car battery is never at risk.  Additionally the Motormonkey will work with both 12V or 24V delivering a 5V output.  Charging is indicated by a solid red LED light and when charging is complete the red LED simply turns off.

As with the all Powertraveller products we have reviewed the manufacturing quality is excellent, with all of the parts of the kit feeling robust and well made.   We were slightly concerned to see a rectractable cable (based on our experience of similar products that use the same system which are quite often less than robust), however, this too is very well made the mechanism feels very sturdy.

At an RRP of £20 the Powertraveller Motormonkey really is a must have for anyone who spends a lot of time travelling or working from their car and is certainly of far greater quality than other universal car chargers we have seen with a similar price tag.

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