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world_travel_adapter1If you spend a lot of time travelling abroad, the chances are you probably already have a drawer full of travel adaptors purchased in a hurry at the airport before travelling, so buying a new one may not be a great priority.  However, the new  travel adaptor by Powertraveller may just incite you to buy another.

As usual with Powertraveller products the World Travel Adaptor is a really robust piece of kit, managing to house 4 different sets of pins within a single housing, which can be selected by a simple sliding mechanism that locks each pin set in place.  These four pin arrangements provide access to power in over 150 countries, across Europe, Australia, Asia and the USA.  This is a great improvement on standard universal power adaptors packages that generally rely on multiple adaptor plugs to provide a more limited coverage.

world_travel_adapter_with_usb_250The other really interesting feature is the interchangeable caps.  Included with the World Travel Adaptor is a standard UK female plug socket for plugging in a standard UK plug as would be expected.  However, this cap can be changed for a cap housing a USB charger.  This allows charging of any device that can be charged through a USB cable, such as iPods, smartphones, PDAs etc.  which also means the World Travel Adaptor has a purpose at home when not travelling.

The features of the Powertraveller World Travel Adaptor really make it stand out from other travel adaptors.  In our opinion the fact that it covers more than 150 countries and also provides a USB charging facility makes this a really useful part of any traveller's kit and for ~£15-20 it is well worth the spend.

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