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cygnett_grooverazorWhen it comes to buying replacement or alternative earphones for iPods, mp3 players, mobile phones, laptops etc. there are a myriad of choices available across a number of price ranges.  At the lower end of the price range are the in-ear headphones.  In general the quality of in-ear earphones tends to rely heavily on the fit and therefore the noise isolation capabilities of the speakers, in order to block out ambient noise such as traffic etc.  The Australian company Cygnett have recently released a new range of in-ear headphones into the marketplace (see the press release) ranging in price from £9.99 to £19.99 and we managed to get our hands on a set of the GrooveRazor  in-ear headphones for review.

The GrooveRazor earphones are different from many other forms of in-ear headphones in the way that they are designed to be worn. For extra support each speaker is supported by its wire which is looped over the top of the ear and then the earphones is positioned into the ear canal.  We found this setup to be very secure and comfortable and they were even tested during a jog during which they remained firmly in place, in contrast to other earphones we have tried.  The GrooveRazors also provide excellent noise isolation due to the silicon tips employed (Cygnett provide three pairs of silicon tips for when they need replacing).

Audio reproduction was certainly on a par with the original iPod earphones we compared them against providing a decent amount of bass and clear reproduction of mid and high ranges and the noise isolation was excellent even when compared against the Goldring GX200 Earphones previously reviewed.

All in all the Cygnett GrooveRazor earphones provide an excellent alternative to the standard earphones provided with iPods etc, and with the excellent noise isolation and over-ear system for wearing which reduces microphonics (noise from the cable knocking around) they are in our opinion excellent value for money.  At only £9.99 they come highly recommended.

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Amazon: Cygnett Groove Razor CY-3-RB Earphones - Black with Black Cable