Bluetooth Headset: Nokia BH-102

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nokia_bh-102If you spend a lot of time on your mobile phone, a bluetooth enabled headset is a necessity to allow you to keep your hands free whilst conducting other activities (driving, cycling, etc.).  There are many variations in design of bluetooth enabled headsets and prices vary greatly depending on features and design.  We were very interested to test the Nokia BH-102 bluetooth headset, one of Nokia's entry level (and therefore cheapest!) bluetooth headsets.

The Nokia BH-102 headset is a manufactured in a black gloss plastic casing, with a single button interface that allows control over basic call functions of any paired phone.  The package also includes travel charger (similar to the newer style Nokia chargers) and an optional earloop for added supportwhen wearing the earpiece.  We found the latter earloop to be almost essential for wearing the headset comfortably, as the earpiece is cetainly fairly large, but this did not impact the comfort of wearing it.

Pairing is very simple and took less than a minute.  The single button interface allowed a simple way of controlling voice activated dialing on our Nokia test phone as well as the other basic call functions, although there is no reason that the headset wouldn't work with any other manufacturer's phone.  The headset felt very comfortable to wear, and felt nice and lightweight.

Call quality was excellent and there was no hint of an echo for any call recipients, with recipients unable to tell whether we were calling from the phone directly or through the headset.  In addition, the headset is capable of ten hours of talktime between charges, allowing even the heaviest users breathing space.

With such a reasonable price tag, the Nokia BH-102 is in our opinion is excellent value for money, providing the main features required of a bluetooth headset: basic call functions and excellent audio quality.

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