FM Transmitter: Cygnett GrooveTransmit iPod & iPhone FM Transmitter

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cygnett_groovetransmitIf you ever want to play your music in the car there are a number of interfaces for transmitting music from your iPod, mp3 player or mobile phone, including bluetooth, a simple aux in or through the use of an FM transmitter which acts as a low range music radio station.  The first two are entirely dependent on the head unit unstalled in your car, however the FM transmitter unit allows the transmission and therefore playback of any music through the use a radio signal.

Cygnett have recently released an FM transmitter/car cradle, the Cygnett GrooveTransmit, that provides this function alongside a charging facility for any iPod including the new iPhone range of smartphones.  The system comprises the cradle with iPod docking point which can be fully adapted to fit any of the range of iPods to provide excellent support whilst travelling, a sturdy gooseneck for postioning of the cradle with a cigarette lighter fitting and a 3.5mm cable for connecting non-iPod mp3 players and mobile phones.

We were pleasantly surprised by the cigarette lighter fitting which we expected to be slightly loose (as we have seen with other cigarette lighter fittings), however, the fitting comes with a rubber gasket to help wedge the fitting in to larger sockets and infacts makes the installation very stable.  The gooseneck connects to the cradle through a simple slide and click fitting, and then the cradle can simply be adjusted using a screw mechanism at the back of the cradle and side push fit bars to ensure a snug fit for the iPod fitted.  Once docked the iPod is charged from the car battery as long as it is connected.  Alternatively alternative music sources can be used as long as they have a headphone jack, and the 3.5mm cable required for connection is supplies.

Tuning the device into the radio is very simple using either manual tuning using the up and down buttons on the side of the unit, auto tuning by holding both buttons simultaneously or using the 4 preset buttons that are automatically saved as favourites.  Tuning was quick and simple with our tests and the final frequency is displayed on the small LCD panel on the front making it easy to tune the head unit of the car to the correct frequency.  Music quality was good, however when we tested the unit (on a trip from Portsmouth,UK to London, UK) we did need to change the frequency once to avoid competing with local radio stations.  We couldn't help but wonder if anyone of our fellow travellers were picking up snippets of our music as we passed!

The Cygnett GrooveTransmit provides a slight twist on standard FM transmitters with the provision for charging of the iPods and the fact that it is built into a cradle mechanism makes it very easy to navigate the iPod and choose music for the journey.  The auto tuning mechanism makes finding the correct channel much easier and more importantly, quicker, than other transmitters that we have seen and if you want to listen to your music on your car head unit this is certainly a good option.

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