Audio: Cygnett GrooveDuo

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cygnett_grooveduoIf you have read the review we gave the Cygnett GrooveRazor earphones, you will know we were very impressed with the quality of sound reproduction for the price and Cygnett have coupled these with a handy iPod mains charger and iPod USB cable as the GrooveDuo kit (currently exclusive to Tesco).

The GrooveRazors differ from many other forms of in-ear headphones in that they are designed to be worn supported by their wire which are looped over the top of the ear and then the earphones is positioned and held in the ear canal.  This setup provides a very secure and comfortable system that remains firmly in place even during heavy exercise (jogging and also gym use).  The cable tie also helps to secure the headphones securely in place and reduce vibration whilst moving.  The audio reproduction is impressive given the price, with clear mid and high ranges and delivering a punchy bass note.  The silicon buds also provide excellent noise isolation (three pairs are supplied).

The included charger is solidly made and comes with a USB iPod charging/connection cable and a red LED indicates power use.  Using this mains charger any iPod can be charged using the supplied cable, but that is not to say that other devices such as phones and other MP3 players can't be charged using this mains charger; far from it, any device that can be charged through USB can be charged in the same way.

If the original set of GrooveRazors is anything to go by htis kit should last a while, one of the team has been using the GrooveRazors for quite some time now for their regular gym trips, and they still haven't managed to break them!

The GrooveDuo is a great accessory which, although aimed primarily at the Apple iPod range, would make a great accessory set for any MP3 player or mobile phone that can be charged from USB and which has a standard 3.5mm jack for headphones.  At only £29.99 (at the time of writing) you could pay a lot more for a lot less!