Symbian Apps: Raviteq Collage

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raviteq_collage_partyWe all take pictures with the integrated cameras on our phones these days, and end up with hundreds of pictures stored in memory, however, what if you want to do something a bit more advanced?  Enter Raviteq with their advanced image editing and manipulation apps for Symbian smartphones (and android).  We were given the chance to review their latest offerings and first up is Raviteq Collage.

Raviteq Collage is a simple to use tool that, as the name suggests, allows you to make collages of images.  The software integrates with any compatible mobile handset to allow images capture for integration into a predetermined set of templates. The version we tried came with an addon pack entitled "love" (great for keeping the girlfriend/wife on side, although it probably won't appeal greatly to the men!).  The addon pack gives a number of extra love themed collage templates on top of the mixed theme standard templates.

In order to make the collage all that is required is that you take the correct number of photos, following which the software automatically adds your photos into the correct positions into the collage at any chosen resolution (dependent on you mobile's camera).   The results are very good, although dependent on your skill with the camera!

raviteq_collage_loveThe only slight disappointment for us was the lack of the option to use any of your existing photos in the collage or to retake photos for a collage (should someone fidget!). Despite this, the little app is lots of fun and provides a fun way of presenting your photos for special occasions or festivities.  There are loads of additional extensions packs to add to the application expanding the number of occasions for which you have suitable collage templates.  Both the main application and expansion packs are prices at a measly £1.50 so whatever the occasion, the software won't break the bank!