Symbian Apps: JoikuSpot Premium

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joikuspot-n900Instances where we are truly wowed by an application (whether PC or mobile) are few and far between, however with JoikuSpot Premium we have found an application markedly different from the rest of the bunch.  JoikuSpot is a very simple little piece of software that bridges the WiFi and 3G connections of a smartphone.  The software is available for Symbian S60 (the version we reviewed), Linux, and Windows Mobile based smartphones and the Sybian premium version is available through the Ovi store for £8 and there is also a light version that allows for just basic internet browsing.

Once installed the JoikuSpot Premium application can be launched at any time when you need to access the internet on your laptop.  Configuration isn't required, however there is the option to define the Network name, channel, encryption (WEP open or shared, 64-bit or 128-bit), gateway IP address, and also the option to limit the JoikuSpot usage dependent on battery power (i.e. the application can be automatically stopped if battery reaches 10% charge).


As a backup for your home connection or as an alternative to mobile broadband for sporadic users, the use of your smartphone as a mobile router is a great idea, especially if you have a decent internet plan.  We used our review sample on a Nokia N97 running on the three network and we got download speeds of ~600kb/sec and upload speeds of ~100kb/sec, certainly fast enough for general web browsing and checking your email.  The connection was stable at all times even whilst using FTP etc.

The only downside we could see was that the use of both the WiFi and 3G connections ran the battery down faster than simply using the standard cable based connection (for the Nokia N97 we tested). Although the ability to use the internet without the hassle of carrying around the cable and using the Nokia software, in our opinion, outweighs this slight downside.

We think that for only £8 JoikuSpot provides a slick way of using a smartphone as an access point and we would highly recommend it for anyone who spends their life on the move who wants a mobile internet connection without paying out for a mobile broadband contract.