Symbian Apps: Lonely Cat Games - ProfiMail 3.28

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profimailIf you have tried using the email application on a Symbian S60 smartphone, you will know why we are reviewing an alternative!  The standard S60 email application offers a very basic interface to check your emails, and often requires add-ins for full email functionality.  There are alternatives, some of which blow the standard email client out of the water.

ProfiMail 3.28 is the latest version of Lonely Cat Games's (don't let the name fool you this isn't a game!) award winning email client that far surpasses the standard email client for the Symbian system.  ProfiMail provides a very simple setup process, for both the initial installation process as well as for setting up email clients (IMAP and POP), simply requiring you to enter your email address, login and password and obviously the software supports multiple accounts, making it easy to balance your work and home life directly from your mobile!

profimail_accountsOnce your email accounts are setup, the ProfiMail application can be configured to use push email so that new message headers on the server are delivered almost immediately to your smartphone (or alternatively the software can be configured to checked after a specific time).  In order to conserve bandwidth, full emails are only downloaded on request.  Emails can be downloaded based on specific rules and filters so as to only download essential emails (especially useful if get a lot of spam or advertising through your account!)

profimail_eadmailProfiMail can be used to email pictures (using a smartphone's camera), audio messages (using a smartphone's mic) as well as the usual email messages and T9 predicitve text can be used on supported phones.  As regards reading email, ProfiMail supports html as well as standard text messages and provides support for viewing attachments (including Microsoft Word documents and images) through the user interface, whilst also providing a File Manager for management of downloaded attachments and any other files on the smartphone's drive. Amazingly the software will also allow access and brwosing of zip archive files.  Touch screen phones are supported with a very simple gesture based control over replying, deleting, scrolling etc.

profimail_fexplorerProfiMail has to be the best email client we have seen for the Symbian operating system, and provides more than enough features to remove your reliance on a computer for email.  The client is built to be functional and as such is not especially eye catching, but this makes the interface fast as the software is not power hungry.  If you want to release the full functionality of your Symbian based smartphone, ProfiMail is an excellent choice and with the included file manager, image and document viewers it is certainly worth the money.  Additionally, in contrast to many other software developers Lonely Cat Games also provides software support for two years from purchase should you have any problems!