Audio Cabling: Cygnett Zip retractable audio cable

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cygnett_zip_extended1Despite the availability of WiFi and bluetooth connections, the majority of audio connections are wired rather than wireless. For most of us this normally means a desk, or pocket, full of wires for connecting small audio devices (iphones, ipods, mp3 players, smartphones) to an audio system.

In order to minimise the confusion, however, Cygnett have released a simple and innovative cable which can reduce the fuss of connecting up devices to your audio system or for that matter media center.  The Cygnett Zip is a simple 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable with a twist (literally) as it is retractable, something we have seen for some device charging systems, but not for audio cables.

The Cygnett Zip can extend up to 81cm making it easy to connect devices, but on the move, due to the retraction system, reduces down to around 12cm (making it easy to carry in a pocket).  The movement of the cable is fluid in both directions and the traction unit didn't get stuck at any point when we tested it.  Audio quality was equivalent to other cables we have tried, and the design of the device makes it ideal for situations where you connect small devices in more than one place in your house or office for example.

We thought that the Cygnett Zip was a great use of a retraction function and provides a really useful tool for expanding the use of an mp3 player or smartphone in multiple settings and it doesn't cost a great deal either (~£12 at the time of writing)!