Backup Power: Choix Power Fort

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choix_power_fort_advanced_contentsAs we have stated in the past, the number of devices that we carry around as part of our everyday life seems to be following an ever increasing with our lives being constantly improved with a new range of mobile/smartphone, handheld console, camera, mp3 player or even tablet computer (e.g. the iPad).  We have reviewed a range of battery backup devices in the past, but none have until now compared that well with the excellent Powertraveller Powermonkey eXplorer.

This latest review focuses on the Choix Power Fort (manufactured by the lifestyle arm of Cooler Master) which comes in two versions, the standard and advanced versions.  The only difference between the two is the addition of a series of chargers for the device that allow charging in the car (car adaptor) and also around the world (wall adaptor/travel adaptor with plugs to support use in US/EU/AU/UK).

The main package includes the Power Fort itself that is available in either a high gloss black (reviewed) or white, that look great but do tend to show fingerprints after a while.  The package also includes a velvet storage bag for protecting the device on the move (which also helps to clean any fingerprints!) Alongside this you get a set of two USB cables (Micro-USB and Mini-USB cables) for charging of the Power Fort as well as any compatible device that uses these typical ports.  Obviously if you have the advanced version you can charge up your Power Fort pretty much anywhere.  Due to its diminuitive dimensions (11x6.4x1.2 cm) and lightness (102g) the Power Fort is ideal for taking on the move, whether on holiday or just on your day to day commute.

choix_powerfort_connectedCharging of the Power Fort is done through any available USB port (either through a PC/Mac or using a mains USB adaptor) and takes around 3-4 hours for a full recharge.  Charging of a device is very simple providing you have a USB charging cable for your device and requires only connection to the Power Fort and a push of the single button on the fascia. The Power Fort allows devices to be charged both when it is charging itself as well as when it is disconnected and as would be expected from a reputable company backed by Cooler Master brand the device is backed up with over charge protection, over discharger protection, over temperature protection, over current protection and also short circuit protection to ensure that the user, Power Fort and any attached device are fully protected at all times.  Interestingly as well as the backup power facility the Power Fort also has a built-in LED torch for emergency situations which is actually quite effective.

power_fort_ipadChoix boast the green credentials of the Power Fort with its advanced 2700mAh 10Whrs Lithium Polymer battery capable of being recharged over 500 times with only a loss of 15% of its capacity, which is equivalent to iPod/iPhone batteries.  These impressive stats equate to roughly 10 hours of extra use on a PDA/GPS, 18 hours on a handheld console or smartphone, up to 82 hours for an average ipod/MP3 player and 95 hours for a small bluetooth device (such as a bluetooth headset).  The device is even compatible with the Apple iPad!

With such an excellent adaptability and portability the Power Fort is certainly on a par with if not better than the Powertraveller Powermonkey (although lacking the solar panel).  Since the Power Fort has not yet been released in the UK, we can't comment on the price, however if given a competitive pricing, we would definitely recommend it.