Mobile and PDA: Cygnett Frost Matt Slim case for the IPhone 4 3G/3GS

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cygnett_frostThe Cygnett Frost case is made for use with the Apple iPhone 4 3G and 3GS and is designed to protect the edges and corners with out adding bulk.  The case that was trialed was lime green and easily fitted on to the iPhone 3GS smartphone, and came with a screen protector and microfiber cleaning cloth.  Manufactured from a "highly durable polycarbonate material that is strong and scratch resistant" the case has a matt finish that doesn't show fingerprints.

The Cygnett Frost was easy to install on the test iPhone as it just snaps on (or off - making it is easy to remove if required).  It does not cover the whole of the phones edges but does ensure that the whole of plastic back cover is protected.   In use, it felt comfortable when using the phone and it didn't add much extra bulk making it just as easy to carry the phone around in a pocket.

Cygnett state that the case does not need to be removed from the phone when docking your phone and in testing the encased iPhone was trialled on a docking station with a phone universal dock and we conformed that the phone did fit well and did not require the case to be removed.  Although, for those of you that have a car charger windscreen holder then you will need to remove the case as there is no space for a case with this system.  Fitting of the case to the iPhone didn't affect access to the buttons and ports for the phone and the camera was not affected by the case.

The Cygnett Frost hardshell provides a cheap (retails at ~£12 at the time of writing) and simple way of providing protection to any iPhone, providing a hard shell to protect the back casing of the iPhone alongside a screen protector for the excellent iPhone screen (something well worth protecting given the cost of repairs!).