Mobile and PDA: Martin Fields Overlay Plus

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With the appearance of phones with larger screens and increasingly high defintion cameras appearing on the market, the need to protect the exposed regions of the screen and the lenses of the cameras is becoming increasingly important. Not only are scratches unsightly, scratches to the screen can make text difficult to read and scratches to camera lenses make the purpose of the high definition camera pointless.  Obviously the drawback of just using screen protectors is that if you drop your phone it is only the screen and camera lenses that are protected, whereas with a full case there is protection for the whole phone.

Martin Fields Overlay Plus screen protectors are highly recommended by many end users on various forums and I decided to test the screen protector for myself, having recently purchased an Nokia N95 8GB, which although nicely designed, has a large screen and an easily damaged Carl Zeiss lens(The kit for the N95 includes protection for the main screen, the cameras and the camera flash).

Martin Fields Overlay Plus First things first, the screen protector for the N95 retails for around £7 (Available from expansys UK), which is not a large expenditure for the protection of such a valuable item.  Unlike some cheaper screen protectors, the packaging is of good quality and actually includes instructions (including cleaning, reuse and application) and links to videos of the aforementioned.

The screen protector itself has good adhesive properties to the screen, there is no slippage at all and the material appears to be very tough (it does not deform easily).  When applied, there is no obvious difference to the thickness of the screen and it is indeed difficult to tell whether there is actually a screen protector installed, enhanced due to the precision fit of the screen protector to the screen (0.2mm thickness).  The same can be said for all of the camera lenses protectors.

The reflection on the screen from ambient lighting conditions is reduced by the screen protector making text easier to read in high light conditions, and the protector also blocks 99% UV light (The UV filters reduce the strain on your eyes by blocking 99% of ultraviolet rays radiated from the LCD screen.)

The addition of the protector to the camera lens does not appear to affect the quality of the image (see above image). As can be seen from the image to the left, the lens protector does not really affect the quality of the camera significantly.

All in all I would recommend the Martin Fields Overlay Plus screen protector for its small impact  on the overall appearance of the phone and functions but strong protection for the screen and camera, and also for the small price tag for something that can be reused over and over with relative ease.