Mobile and PDA: Proporta Alu-Crystal Case (Nokia N95 8GB)

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Mobile and PDA: Proporta Alu-Crystal Case (N95 8GB)

The Alu-Crystal Case for the Nokia N95 8GB provides very strong impact and shock protection for  what is an expensive investment.

The base of the case is made of aircraft grade aluminium and the screen/upper of the case is made from polycarbonate plastic (as used for safety eyeware).  The combination of these materials allows for a relatively lightweight and compact case with the highest protection for the phone, the only exposed part of the phone is the top, and even this is protected by a polycarbonate overhang (see pictures)

The cutouts in the case are well thought out allowing easy access to the controls, and the slider has free movement in both directions.  The screen protection does not have a deleterious effect on the the visibility of the screen.

The case adds between 2-5mm of extra volume in all dimensions, however due to the overall dimensions of the original phone, this really does not make a difference to useability.

In testing, the case was "borrowed" by an interested toddler, and even after various hair rasing moments, the phone and case were wrestled free scratch and damage free - a good sign to me that the case is well constructed!!

All in all, I would recommend the case to those who want the ultimate in protection for their phone.  The case for the Nokia N95 8GB is available direct from Proporta for £14.95 or if you own the original Nokia N95 this can also be purchased from Proporta (50% discount off Proporta Alu-Crystal Case (Nokia N95) with promotion code N95USERS)