Mobile and PDA: Proporta Alu-Leather Case (Nokia N95 8GB)

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Mobile and PDA: Proporta Alu-Leather Case (N95 8GB) Where the Alu-Crystal gives a more rugged style to the phone, the Alu-Leather case from Proporta gives a much more stylish effect to the Nokia N95 8GB, with a flip down cover.

The case is made from high quality leather, which is handstitched around alumium plates to give a very strong, yet stylish, case.

The case is well designed to allow a secure grip on the phone within the case, but easy access to all of the buttons required for the full functionality of the phone and it seems slightly easier to access ports than with the Alu-Crystal case.  Also due to the well designed cutouts, the camera function is not affected in the least.

The only drawback (if any) with the design is the slightly limited protection to the side of the phone, which is protected by the two clasps that anchor the phone in place, although I cannot see how this could be improved without reducing the visual design of the case.

The clasp that holds the case closed is also well designed, it is very strong and did not come apart within my pocket when I was testing the case, and will also tie the flap back when the phone is required to be open for a long time (such as in a car when used as a navigation tool).

All in all, I was again very impressed with the case and with the added lifetime warranty on all of their products they are an obcvious choice when it comes to protecting your PDA or mobile phone.

If you are interested in purchasing this case it currently retails for £26.95.

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Amazon: Proporta Flip Type Alu-Leather Case For Nokia n95 8GB Series