Mobile and PDA: Powertraveller Powermonkey eXplorer

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Power Traveller Powermonkey eXplorerIt is not very often that I am completely amazed by a product, but the people from Powertraveller may just have managed it with the Powermonkey eXplorer.

As we all know, we are all poor at charging up our phones, ipods, PDAs or cameras and also at remembering to take spare batteries for other devices such as handheld gaming consoles.  Not only that, but we tend to forget to take the chargers with us when we go abroad on holiday or on business.

With one quick sweep Powertraveller have removed the need for additional batteries for your mobile phone, individual chargers for each and every small handheld appliance, spare batteries for your digital camera and replaced them with two simple devices that offer backup power literally wherever you go where there is light (not a tall order for most!).  From other reviews the powermonkey eXplorer seems to have been nearly everywhere in the world, and not always in the nicest of environments, and has performed well.

The Powermonkey eXplorer kit is incredibly well designed and provides a powermonkey eXplorer and a solar slave (all will be explained, read on..) and all the connections you should need (even more connectors are available direct from Powertraveller for every flavour of device) and comes in a selection of four colours: blue, grey, yellow and pink.

Powertraveller PowermonkeyThe Powermonkey eXplorer is a rugged battery pack (see picture to the right), with a well designed, tough, water-resistant shell that can be used to supply power to all of your mobile appliances.  Included in the pack are all the connections needed to power and recharge most modern Siemens, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobile phones(~96hrs reserve power) and most PDAs(~48hrs reserve power).  Also provided is a connector to allow recharging of your iPod (~40hrs reserve power).

If that was not enough there is also a connection to allow the use of the Powermonkey eXplorer as a backup battery for digital cameras (allowing you to take ~1600 more pictures) and also PSPs and other gaming devices(~5hrs reserve power).

The absolutely fantastic thing about the kit though, is that all of the above can be done with the additional solar-slave (shown in the top picture) which harvests the sun's energy (light to you and me) and charges the powermonkey eXplorer when you are out and about (or even inside at a desk if you are close to a window)  The solar-slave is even powerful enough to charge the above range of mobile phones, PDAs, iPods etc directly (albeit a bit slower than the Powermonkey eXplorer itself).  Not only does this make the kit even more useful but it also feels like you are doing your bit for the environment!

Even if you can't remember to take the solar-slave out of your pocket, Powertraveller provides you with two other methods of charging your Powermonkey eXplorer: A universal mains charger (allows charging in over 150 countries) and a USB cable (allows charging through an available USB slot on your desktop or laptop.

For me this means that I now can charge my Nokia N95, Jabra bluetooth headset, Sony DSC camera, Holox GPS, iPod and more of my devices with this wonderful device. I cannot praise this product enough!