Mobile and PDA: Krusell Touch Screen Pointer

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The new Krusell Touch Screen Pointer is designed as a replacement for your existing mobile phone or PDA stylus. Krusell Touch Screen Pointer

It is designed so that it can easily be held between thumb and forefinger, which allows control equal to that of a stylus.  We tested ours on an old Sony -Ericsson P800 and it worked well as a direct replacement.

The pointer has two "stylus-like" pointer that can be used, and it is securely located at the end of a strong nylon strap that can be used in place of the existing strap for your mobile phone or PDA.  This feature of the Krusell touch screen pointer worked well on the small P800 phone, as removing and using the stylus from the phone casing every time you want to make a selection or navigate throught the mobile phone menu system is sometimes tricky if you are out and about.

Since the touch screen pointer is securely fastened to the phone, it doesn't matter if you drop it either, a problem that I always had with the P800 original stylus.

The new Krusell Touch Screen Pointer is definitely a good purchase if you use your stylus frequently on your mobile phone or PDA.