Mobile and PDA: Krusell Dynamic with Multidapt Case (N95 8GB)

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Krusell Dynamic with Multidapt Case (N95 8GB)The Krusell Dynamic with Multidapt Case (Nokia N95 8GB) is the most lightweight of the cases reviewed as yet.

It is well designed so as to minimise damage to the screen (through a thick clear plastic screen cover) whilst still allowing easy access to the main function keys.

In order to access the keypad of the mobile phone the front cover has to be released (a simple case of releasing a popper) in order that the phone screen can slide.

Krusell Dynamic with multidapt case camera open

In contrast to the other cases so far reviewed the Krusell case provides protection to the keypad itself, which is safely held within a plastic pocket, keeping them dust and grime free,

The remainder of the case is manufactured in good quality leather, affording good protection to the back of the mobile phone unit.  The Carl Zeiss camera lens is protected with a leather flap that again is held in place by poppers, which can quickly be released for taking photos or video, without having to release the front flap.

THe Krusell case hardly affects the footprint of the mobile phone and includes the patented multidapt quick release system.  This allows easy release and swapping of mounts such as the included belt clip or alternative mounts such as the optional car mount.  The multidapt system is very secure, but is easily released using a pen tip.

In my opionion the Krusell Dynamic with Multidapt Case is well designed for people with a more active lifestyle or work environment who require protection for their mobile phone.