Bluetooth Accessories: Lindy Bluetooth Stereo Adapter

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Lindy Bluetooth Stereo AdapterThe Lindy Bluetooth Stereo adapter is a combination bluetooth handsfree and headphone system.  It allows you to listen to and navigate through your music library on your mobile phone wirelessly.  Additionally you can accept and make phonecalls using the useful bluetooth adapter.

All that is required is a bluetooth enabled phone to pair the device to and then all navigation, volume and standard handsfree functions are under the control of the Lindy Bluetooth Stereo adapter.  This means that the main bluetooth device can be securely stored in a pocket or bag for security purposes, reducing the risk of theft.  The Lindy Bluetooth Stereo adapter also functions with any bluetooth enabled audio device, such as Ipods using bluetooth adapters and other bluetooth enabled mp3 players.

The unit we tested was very easy to setup with pairing of the device to our mobile phones very fast.  The controls functioned well with the mobile phone we tested it with, and we were able to navigate through our mp3 library and alter volume settings easily using the inbuilt controls on the adapter.  The quality of sound is good, although there was some noise between tracks.

The fact that the adapter uses a lithium-polymer battery means that the battery lasts for ~10hrs from a 90 minute charge, and it can be charged directly from the mains or alternatively using the included USB cable.

The Lindy Bluetooth Stereo adapter retails at ~£40 which is a good price for the device, which negates the need for both headphone and a handsfree kit.