Mobile and PDA: Krusell Genuine Leather Case for Nokia 6126/6131/6133

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Krusell-Genuine-Leather-Case for Nokia 6126/6131/6133This Krusell Genuine Leather Case for Nokia 6126/6131/6133 is a great and stylish way to protect your Nokia phone from the day to day wear and tear that can occur to your phone.

The case is made from both leather and plastic in two parts with an elastic connection to give the required movement for a flip open phone.  The case is designed so to be kept on at all times. The plastic sections are used to cover the outer screen of the phone, and inside the phone, the keypad and the microphone section. The phone case also has two windows sewn into the case, one for the camera, and one for the headphone flap and charging port. It also has an optional multidapt ® beltclip for those of you who do not want to carry a bag around with you or carry your phone in a pocket!!

Krusell-Genuine-Leather-Case for Nokia 6126/6131/6133 openThe case was tested using a Nokia 6131 phone and required some force to put it onto the phone, as it was a very snug fit.  However this is good as it means the case does not move once it is on the phone. When making phone calls the case was beneficial as it made the phone easier to hold.

When typing messages the only difference noticed was that you needed to press the buttons slightly harder than normal but not annoyingly so, due to the palstic cover. The window for the headphone flap worked well, allowing you to be able to open the flap and plug in the headphones, and additionally still open the phone. If you want to charge the phone then you have to move the window so that the port is accessible but this is very easy to do due to the elastic used to connect the two sections of the case.

The only downside found was when photographing with the phone open. Although there is a window in the leather when the phone is opened, the case is too far away from the lens, so acts as a frame.  So if you are into quick photography with your phone then this is probably not the phone case for you. This problem can be easily rectified by adjusting the case so that it fits closer to phone so that you can take photographs without problems but you need to remember to do this before taking the photograph.