Bluetooth Accessories: Holox BT 541 52 Channel GPS receiver

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Holox-BT541-bluetooth-GPSThe Holox BT 541 52 Channel GPS receiver have been around on eBay for the last year or so and we decided to test one to seem if they were any good. We were certainly amazed at the price (£30) but we wondered what we were going to get for our money.

The case of the receiver itself is manufactured from black plastic and has a clear panel at the front with built in LEDs which notify the use of the status of the receiver (GPS acquired, battery etc).  The unit is powered from a Ni-MH battery similar to that found in mobile phones and this is able to power the unit for 1000hrs in standby or 20hrs when in operation.  The unit came with a mains charger and in car charger (optional).

Obviously in order to use the bluetooth GPS receiver with a phone, the charger has to be paired with the phone, and we found this a very simple procedure.  We found the GPS receiver to be compatible with Mokia Maps, Tomtom, and Google map and when we tested it with each piece of mapping software, we found the positioning very good (within 3 meters) and it was very quick to acquire satellites (<3 secs), even inside!  The reacquistion time, if a satellite is lost is apparently <0.1 secs and we certainly didn't notice any loss of positioning data whilst we were using it.

However, even though the GPS receiver appears to be great, we wondered about the availibility of support and the real validity of the 2-year guarantee.  The UK Holox website ( as of recently appears to be offline.

In summary, the Holox BT 541 seems to be a great little GPS receiver, however, the support seems to be virtually non-existent, as far as the HOLOX company is concerned, and in the event of a faulty unit, or problems with setup the likelihood is that your only point of contact will be your eBay vendor.