Mobile and PDA: Noreve Tradition leather case (Nokia e65)

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Noreve-Leather-case-e65When purchasing a new mobile phone or PDA it is essential to consider purchasing a case to protect the investment.  The day to day use of mobiles exposes them to a multitude of risks whether intentional or accidental and with that in mind, the choice of case is important.

The Noreve Tradition leather case for the Nokia e65 does not dissapoint as regards looks or protection and comes in a variety of colours to suit all tastes.  The case is manufactured from top quality leather and does not overly increase the dimensions of the phone, while still offering good protection from knocks or drops. The phone is held in the case through a well designed push fit mechanism, in a similar fashion to the Nokia 95 8GB Noreve Tradition leather case that we have previously reviewed (here).  This secures the phone very well in the case, but does not impinge on the controls of the phone, allowing full access to the side controls (volume etc.) and to the base inputs (charger, data cable).

Noreve-leather-case-e65-openThe flap is held closed by a magnetic catch, which holds the case shut effectively.  Camera use is also unaffected with the flap folding back on itself to allow unhindered use of the camera, although this does obviously make taking a picture a bit slower.

As with all Noreve products the overall manufacturing quality is very high and we would have no hesitation in recommending their products for the protection of your mobile phone.