Screen Protection:Tuffscreen Impact Protector

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For those guys who work on site out their (or those of you who make a habit of smashing the screen on your smartphone, camera or MP3 player!) you'll know the irritation of having to make an insurance claim, or pay for the cost of a replacement screen.  Various types of cases are available to protect small handheld devices, but few offer increased protection to device screens. Obviously there are screen protectors but these are really to prevent the screens being scratched not an impact protection system.  A new range of heavy duty impact protectors that offer real impact protection have been launched by a new company Tuffscreen and they were kind enough to send us a sample for review


  • Helps protect your investment.
  • Can be made to fit any screen up to 22" diagonal.
  • Minimal effect on either tactile response or visual clarity.
  • 100% safe, durable, reliable, and residue free on removal.


The screen protectors that we have seen up until recently have been very thin plastic sheets that provide excellent scratch resistance but little, if any, impact protection.  The Tuffscreen screen protector is the exact opposite to these standard screen protectors.  With an average thickness of 1.0 mm the Tuffscreen material isn't exactly discrete and has a feint blue tint, although there is minimal effect on the visual clarity of screens where it is installed.  Installation of the Tuffscreen is essentially similar to any other screen shield, requiring only a clean screen (cleaning and anti-static wipes were provided) and a steady hand (to minimise air bubbles during application).

Once in place the Tuffscreen offers a greatly enhanced impact protection to any screen.  For the majority of screens (laptops, mp3 players) it is easy to see that the addition of the material to screens won't really impact on the overall depth of the screen due to screen frames.  For smartphones and other "frameless" screened devices the thickness of the material is obvious (but would most likely be hidden if you use a phone case). 

We tested the Tuffscreen material on an Acer 3820TG where the screen protector easily sits within the frame of the screen and on an Acer Liquid E Android smartphone.  Application on to the laptop screen was reasonably easy, although required various attempts to remove air bubbles (as is typical with any screen protection!), but once installed made little difference to the overal clarity of the screen.

On the Android Liquid E the installation was very simple although it was obvious that it was in place as you clearly see the screen protector in place.  Visual clarity was great, with very little effect on the vibrancy of colours or brightness. The Tuffscreen protector did have a slight effect on the responsiveness of the capacitive screen but we found it was still more than usable and the benefits could far outweigh the disadvantages if you tend to use your smartphone in more dangerous (for the phone) situations!  


Available on request from Tuffscreen direct.


4/5 - If you want to protect your small handheld devices or larger screens from impact damage in tough working environments, the Tuffscreen screen protectors are ideal -  if you can live with the slight additional thickness of the screen protector it is probably the best screen protection that you can buy for any visual device that has a tough industrial lifestyle!