Tower Cases: Antec Performance One P190 + 1200W

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P190 frontAntec are well know for manufacturing excellent quality PC cases with well designed airflow systems, and the Antec P190 enclosure doesn't disappoint.  The Antec P190 is the flagship of the Antec enclosure range and is a super midi tower.

The first thing you notice about the P190 is the weight and size.  This is a really big, solid case with dimensions of 51.5 x 59.3 x 20.5 cm, so it isn't discrete.  However, it is aimed at the high-end system and server builders who require the extra space.  Despite the size the looks are refined and do not overpower a room, with a sleek black front panel and matt black side panels.  The cooling fans are placed all over the case to provide excellent cooling for all components of a PC build.  On the front of the case are two USB ports, one firewire port and audio in/out ports.

Inside the P190 is spacious as expected and the compartmentalisation of components becomes obvious.  The side panels of the P190 chassis are double skinned to reduce acoustic noise.  Each compartment has it's own intake and exhaust fans, and the intake fans all have washable dust filters.  In total there are five fans in total, including 140mm TriCool fan mounted on the top of the case, one rear 120mm TriCool Fan, one lower chamber 120mm TriCool Fan for taking air away from the dual PSUs and one side 200mm Big Boy fan with air filter.  There is also the option to mount two more 120mm Fans at the front of the case behind the fascia to provide cooling directly to the hard drive housings.

P190_openThe main compartment is capable of housing motherboards up to extended ATX (eATX) size (for dual processor boards) and provides an excellent amount of room for manoeuvre during installation or upgrade.

There are two HDD caddies capable of housing six HDDs between them, each of which can be served by its own optional fan.  HDD are secured with screws through rubber gromits for reduced vibration.  Additionally there are also mounts for an external 3.5" bay.  The case also provides space for four 5.25" bays for mounting optical media devices, card readers etc.

Another interesting touch is the provision of flexilight that can be powered from a USB header or spare 4-pin molex connector, so that the internals of the PC can be seen when running, presumably to help with hot swapping or hot plugging of components of a system server.

P190_backUnlike a lot of other high-end cases, the P190 comes with its own power supply, or rather power supplies.  The included Neo-Link 1200W power supply splits power provision between a 650W supply that powers the mainboard and add-on cards (PCI-E etc) and a 550W supply that powers the HDDs and peripherals.  Although this sounds like overkill, once a motherboard, graphics card (or cards for SLi or Crossfire setups) and several HDDs, DVD-RW and Blu-ray drives are installed, power usage can rocket.  The fact that these are Antec power supplies should however reassure most system builders.

During our tests of the case, we installed a standard ATX motherboard, which was easy to install given the amout of room available.  Drives were easy to install into their respective bays and the overall build quality was as good as expected from an Antec product, with everything fitting snugly and exactly, with no sharp edges.

As the flagship of the Antec range of PC enclosures, the Antec P190 certainly doesn't doesn't let them down.  It would make an ideal case for a special gaming or server spec, or alternatively, if you have the money to spend, as a solid base for any future proof PC.  As with other Antec products the P190 is covered by their industry leading three year warranty.