Tower Cases: Antec Sonata Elite

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sonata_elite_qThe Antec Sonata range of Antec cases has always reviewed favourably in terms of quietness and the new Sonata Elite case does not disappoint.

Aimed at the average office/home user, the Sonata Elite comes in the form of a sleek black rolled steel case with a black plastic fascia and shiny black gloss side and top panels designed to be two layered (steel with polycarbonate) so as to reduce noise levels .  The overall dimensions of the case are 48.1cm x 20.5cm x 44cm giving a relatively small footprint.

The internal design of the case is much like many other tower cases, with room for a top mounted power supply unit, three front mounted 5.25" drives and four 3.5" drives.  The 5.25" bays are hidden behind a plastic front bezel that opens up by more than 90 degrees to allow easy access to drives.  The 3.5" bays allow HDDs to be mounted transversely, in contrast to many PC cases, and this positions them in the optimal position next to the large air intake built into the side panel allowing excellent airflow over the drives.  Drives are mounted using vibration reducing silicon grommets which minimise noise transfer between the drive and case.

The Sonata Elite case can house motherboards up to Standard ATX and provides seven expansions slots for PCI cards etc., although due to the internal dimensions the case isn't large enough to house graphics cards with full length PCBs, making the case unsuitable for use for anyone wanting to build a hardcore gaming machine.

sonata_elite_inside_400Cooling comes in the form of a 120mm rear mounted exhaust TriCool fan and also included is a 120mm blower fan (it is up to you whether you fit it and there is obviously a trade off between cooling and fan noise).  The fans create an excellent air flow that travels over installed HDDs and across the mainboard from the large air intakes on the side panel through the rear exhaust fans.

As seems standard with most Antec cases there are two USB2.0 ports, one eSATA port, and HD/AC '97 Audio ports easily accessible on the front of the case alongside the power and reset buttons.

The Antec Sonata Elite is designed specifically to provide a quiet computing experience and based on our observations and testing it is clear that it is quite capable of providing just that.  Additionally the case comes with Antec's three year guarantee meaning that it should last the average lifetime of any components installed.

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