Tower Cases: Antec NSK 4480 II

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antec_4480ii_qIf you are in need of a new or replacement power supply and case and your budget doesn't quite extend to the Performance or Sonata range of Antec cases, they have released a new updated "cost-efficient" version of the NSK 4480, imaginatviely called the Antec NSK 4480 II.

The Antec NSK 4480 II is a matt black case sporting a plastic silver front bezel that is slightly offset from the chassis to allow airflow around and behind it.  The case is manufactured from 0.8mm cold rolled steel and is relatively small (42 cm (H) x 20 cm (W) x 42 cm (D)).  The mechanism for opening the case is innovative to say the least, with only two thumbscrews used to hold both side panels and a further top panel in place.  To open the case, the two thumbscrews are removed, allowing removal of the top panel, which in turn allows access to the two side panels that slide upwards away from the case chassis.

Despite being a cheaper option, the NSK 4480 II chassis incorporates a lot of the features of the more expensive cases. Antec have incorporated a kind of zoned air flow system (TAC 2.0 - Thermally Advantaged Chassis air guide) which separates the PSU from the motherboard.  In addition the case is supplied with a 380W Earthwatts supply (ATX12V v2.2 with Universal Input and Active PFC).  Normally we like to pick our own PSU tailored to the specific build, however in this instance the 380W supply is more than capable of supporting most uses for the average user.

antec_4480ii_openThe internal dimensions allow for installation of motherboards up to standard ATX and provision has been made for installation of up to seven PCI cards.    The chassis can house up to eight drives (Three external 5.25", Two external 3.5" and three Internal 3.5" bays), with rubber gromets installed for mounting of the 3.5" drive bays which help with sound reduction and minimise transfer of vibration to the case.

Cooling for the case is found in the form of a single 120mm TriCool™ exhaust fan at the rear of the case, however there is a mounting point for a further 80mm intake fan behind the front bezel at the base of the chassis.  The way in which the case is designed allows for air to travel evenly over both installed optical and hard drives and then over the motherboard.

Like other cases, the NSK 4480 II has the usual USB 2.0 ports, power and reset buttons, and AC'97 and HDA compatible audio in and out (upgraded from the NSK 4480 I) mounted near the centre of the front bezel.

As with other Antec cases the overall build quality is excellent, despite the fact that it is at the lower end of the range and the NSK 4480 II would certainly please any system builder, except those that require the highest specification cooling and noise reduction systems.  The fact that it includes the Earthwatts PSU is (in this instance) a real bonus and really makes this an excellent cost-efficient way for starting a system build where only basics are required.

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Amazon: Antec New Solution NSK 4480 II - Mini tower - ATX - power supply 380 Watt ( ATX12V 2.2 ) - black, silver - USB/Audio