A/V accessories: Antec Veris A/V Cooler

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antec av cooler frontThe people at Antec have gone that on step further to pander to the needs of our beloved A/V centres by producing the Antec Veris A/V Cooler.  All A/V equipment relies upon circuit boards and inevitably processing units.  All processing units kick out a lot of heat as a bi-product of their processing and this heat over time can eventually damage components and cause components to fail, not what you want to happen with your expensive Sony or Yamaha 7.1 channel A/V receiver.  Heat will build up faster in systems that are stacked on top of one another and this is where the Antec Veris A/V Cooler comes in.

The cooler system acts as a shelf between A/V components or even media pc and other A/V components in order to aid heat dissapation.  The A/V cooler is manufactured from carbon fibre in antec av cooler backorder to withstand the weight of multiple components and has a alumiunium heat tray to aid heat dissapation.  The whole thing is perfectly designed to fit most full size A/V components with dimensions of 4.6cm (H) x 42.9cm (W) x 36cm (D).

However the Antec Veris A/V Cooler is not just a passive system, it incorporates two large fans with cleverly arranged ducting to actively take heat away from the component to the rear of the device through the back exhaust ports.  antec av cooler bottomThere are two fan speed settings: Low speed (1200rpm) which generates air flow of 5.5CFM (22.5dBa) and high speed (1600rpm) which generates air flow of 8.0CFM (28.7dBa) both settings are indicated by a subtle blue light at the front of the unit. We tested the A/V cooler with a media center PC and temperatures were consistently reduced in both modes, with very little difference to the noise levels.

In order to protect substantial investments such as A/V components and media center PCs we hgihly recommend the Antec Veris A/V Cooler especially when stacking components.

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