Gaming Mouse: SteelSeries Diablo 3 Mouse review

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SteelSeries d3 mouse heroshotIntroduction:

SteelSeries are renowned for their excellent purpose-built gaming gear and with the release of Diablo III imminent, they have released their take on the gaming gear for this awesome looking game. Those of you who are seasoned Diablo II players will no doubt be on the lookout for the best gear to play the game with.and the SteelSeries Diablo 3 mouse won't disappoint - read on to find out why....


Easy Setup :Quick and effortless drag-and-Drop Diablo III skills and functions to mouse buttons

OSX & Windows : Compatible drivers for both Mac OS X and Windows

Durability : 10 million clicks per switch. 3x that of normal gaming mice

Customisation : 3 illuminated zones including scroll wheel, CPI indicator and the Diablo III logo each of which software customisable

Technology : Best-in-class technology provides excellent precision and reliability during play

Ambidextrous : designed to be comfortable whether left or right handed

Counts Per Inch : Scalable pointer speed up to 5,700 CPI in increments of 1

Lift Distance : Automatically adjusted lift distance locked to ~1mm across surfaces


The SteelSeries Diablo 3 mouse is fairly reminiscent in shape of the SteelSeries XAI gaming mouse (previously reviewed here) with a well-designed ergonomic shape that fits the hand well, and the non-slip coating makes sure that you don't lose the mouse even if you are starting to feel the heat. The mouse has seven well-placed buttons and a sturdy scroll-wheel that feeds back well between rotations (essential if swapping weapons etc.) the mouse is clearly an excellent gaming mouse. The cabling is also worth a mention, with strong nylon braid protecting the wires and a gold-plated USB connector.

The thing that really makes the mouse tand apart from the crowd though is obviously the Diablo III theming, with gothic sytle detailing and three dark red satanic led lit zones the mouse just exudes (or should that be bleeds?) evil. As with other Steelseies mice every function (buttons, CPI, illumination etc.) are customisable to make both your in-game experience as perfect as can be through a Diablo 3 customised SteelSeries configuration software. As expected from the other Steelseries software we have tried profile setup is really easy using the drag and drop interface and there is also the option to record macros.


In practice, the mouse is very responsive however fast you are moving it around and even for extended sessions on games the mouse still feels comfortable when used by either left or right handers. The illuminated regions of the mouse really set the mood for games (especially if you like playing in a darkened room) and despite the Diablo III theming, the mouse is equally at home with other genres of game due to the heavy level of customisation available.


~£50 (available from Amazon)

SteelSeries d3 mouse backVerdict:

4.5/5 - if you're a fan of the Diablo series and excitedly anticipating the release of the latest release, the SteelSeries Diablo 3 gaming mouse is a no-brainer: Highly customisable, cool lighting, and reasonably priced for the specifications.