Keyboards and Mice: Trust Wireless Optical Deskset DS-3400D

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trust_deskset_ds-3400dThese days keyboards and mice are available from almost every retail outlet, with supermarkets even starting to sell them in various forms.  Obviously, wired sets are still in use, but are fast becoming superseded by wireless sets utilising bluetooth and infrared technology.  The benefits are obvious, with no fiddling with wiring, the freedom of movement is excellent and this makes wireless sets ideal for use with dedicated HTPCs (Home theater PCs).  The cost of wireless keyboard sets has been dropping as more and more manufacturers choose to use the technology, however there is still a broad range of prices which tend to reflect the functionality (in the form of extra multimedia buttons, range and battery life).  With this in mind we were very interested to test what is a very low cost (~£15) wireless desktop solution, the Trust Wireless Optical Deskset DS-3400D.

trust_deskset_ds-3400d_2The DS-3400D comes packaged with a black slimline, yet robust, wireless multimedia keyboard with multimedia keys, a wireless optical mouse and a discreet micro USB receiver.  The mouse is ergonomically shaped and has 5 buttons (including the scroll wheel) and is covered in a non-slip rubber coating.  We found it very comfortable to use and response was excellent.  Setup is very simply a case of plugging the dongle into a free USB port and then , once Windows has installed the relevant drivers, syncing the devices.  The deskset worked well in our tests in both Windows XP and Vista, with the multimedia keys proving very useful for media playback.  Response in a 2-3 meter radius was excellent due to the 2.4 GHz wireless operation, although we didn't test the range up to the advertised 8 meters limit.

Initially we were slightly concerned as to what the battery life would be like, but we can confirm that during the time of our testing (~ 1 month), with regular use, we didn't need to swap over the batteries, a timescale that has seen us replacing batteries in more expensive wireless desksets.

We would have no hesitation in recommending the Trust Wireless Optical Deskset DS-3400D for those in the market for a simple deskset for every day use.  Obviously it isn't going to be suitable for those who require programmable keys and other bells and whistles it won't reall suit, but as a budget keyboard and mouse combo it does well.

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