Gaming Mouse: Rude Gameware Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse v2

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fierce-v2-pic-with-lighting-1-1024x432If you have been reading the reviews of gaming mice over the last few months then here's another one for you! Rude Gameware have released v2 of their Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse and it doesn't cut any corners.

Finished in black, it has a stealth feel to it, with one multicolour LED situated above the scroll wheel which denotes the current DPI setting of the device.  The buttons have a nice reassuring click to them when depressed and the main grip areas (on either side of the mouse) have a nice rubber grip to prevent you losing the mouse when under fire!  It is clear that a great deal of attention has been taken in the design of this mouse, with braided cabling and also gold plated USB connector it would appear the designers want this mouse to last.

Alongside the mouse you get a software CD, tiny manual (more about this later), weights for trimming your mouse to your desired weight (in a nifty little case), and a set of replacement feet (once you wear the first lot out with your intensive gaming!).

Setting up the mouse for use is very simple.  First you can add weight to the mouse using the included weights to get the feel you want and then it is simply a case of installing the software to setup and customise the mouse.  This should be a very simple step, however, the included manual is tiny, as is the text inside, making reading a somewhat difficult job even if you have perfect vision.  Luckily the software is fairly self explanatory and the manual is essential if you have a basic understanding of what you are doing.  In the software you can customise all eight of the buttons, and set the DPI steps that the DPI switch alternates between (as standard these are 400, 1600, 3600 and 5000DPI repectively).  With the DPI set to 5000, the mouse speed is incredibly fast, which takes a little getting used to.  Once you get to grips with this though it does make quite a difference in games!

In addition to assigning the mouse buttons you can also assign up to 5 macros (short customised sequences of keystrokes/mouseclicks) that can be used in game to shorten complex actions, as well as combos (essentially shorter macros) and activating a multi-fire function for a single mouse button for in game use (unless you want multiple Internet Explorer opening at the same time!). All of these can be stored in profiles for specific games using the mouse onboard memory meaning you don't have to keep fiddling everytime you swap games.

Costing only £39.98 (at the time of writing) the Rude Gameware Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse competes very well with other similarly priced gaming mice offering a host of features as well as very fast and accurate mouse movement as well as a great deal of customisation.