Wireless Mouse: Nexus SM-9000 Silent Mouse

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The average touchpad on laptops, whilst functional, often limits the use of the system as regards software requiring more accurate mouse control.  This means that often a peripheral mouse is required, which obviously can be in the form of a wired or wireless mouse.  From personal experience the mouse of choice should definitely a wireless one, especially if you spend any amount of time travelling: Storing a wired mouse in a bag whilst on the move can often end up with the wire resembling a plate of sphagetti with a certain amount of associated knotting!  The latest wireless mouse to be released by Nexusis the SM-9000 laser mouse, which has the added benefit of silent button action.


  • Advanced 2.4Ghz wireless technology
  • Laser tracking engine
  • Nano receiver (stores in the mouse)
  • 39 two way channels
  • 6~10 Meter operation range
  • 3 buttons
  • Auto power save mode
  • 2x AAA battery included
  • Size:10,2x5,9x 3,6cm (LxWxH)


The Nexus SM-9000 comes in two variants which really simply differ on the casing of the mouse, with one sporting a carbon fibre style finish and the other finished in glossy black (as reviewed). Both look good and are standard sized mice and are wireless. The mouse is a standard three button (left, right and middle scroll wheel button) which is installed by simply inserting the tiny USB receiver in a free USB port and batteries into the mouse (provided), after which the software is automatically installed by a Windows operating system.  The receiver and mouse use wireless technology to communicate (2.4Ghz) and autolink so there is no need to sync the devices to each other as with some wireless mouse systems. Usefully, whilst on the move, the USB dongle receiver can be stowed in a compartment in the mouse so it shouldn't be lost. Even if you forget this, the dongle itself only projects about 0.8cm from the side of a USB port!

In use, the mouse is very responsive due to the 1600DPI laser meaning that the mouse is equally at home for people wanting to use desktop publishing/graphics suites as well as those requiring something that can be used as a basic gaming mouse on a laptop.  The tracking is accurate and we found the mouse to be very comfortable to use whatever it was used for.  Nexus boasts that the switches used in the buttons are silent, which although almost true (you can still hear a very quiet click) are still very much quieter and certainly far less obtrusive than most and won't annoy the user or any surrounding people (plane or train etc.!). With an automatic power save mode, the mouse also doesn't chew through batteries on a regular basis.  We tested the mouse over a two week period and saw no sign of the batteries draining significantly despite fairly extended periods of use.




4/5 - The Nexus SM-9000 wireless mouse lives up to it's name with almost silent functionality. It's really easy to install, looks good, with a tiny USB dongle that can either be left in a laptop or stowed ina compartment in the mouse itself. The mouse functions well with high accuracy and appeared in our tests to use very little battery power from the supplied 2 x AAA batteries.