External Data Storage: Noreve Portable hard drive leather case

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Noreve_hard_disk_case_blackIf you spend a lot of time travelling with your external hard drive, it is probably a good idea to consider some form of protection for your external hard drive to protect it from impact shock.  Most of us just pack our external hard drives into our laptop cases without much thought, in between other peripherals, or possibly padded with some papers to offer some protection from impact.  This of course runs a risk not only of damage to the external hard drive in the case of dropping of the laptop case, but also of inadvertant damage to the laptop.

Noreve have come up with an excellent solution to this problem with their leather 2.5" hard drive case.  The case is made from good quality leather (available in three different colours), providing a semi-rigid exterior, and a padded (5mm foam) microfibre lined interior for one or two 1.8"/2.5" external hard drives when travelling.  In addition there are pockets for cables, a velcro sealed pocket for USB key drives or bluetooth dongles and credit card/business card pockets.

As with all Noreve products, the case is well manufactured, with accurate stitching and excellent materials.  We tested it with a OEM 2.5" external hard drive enclosure, which fitted snugly inside the case, secured in place with the velcro fasteners and we could definitely see the benefits over stuffing the drive into a laptop bag, where there is always the risk that the external hard drive and laptop lid could rub together in transit.

If you spend a lot of time travelling and want to remove the risk  to your external hard drive, and also potentially your laptop, the Noreve portable hard drive leather case will definitely be of interest.