External Data Storage: Sandberg Fingerprint Hard Disk Box 2.5

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fingerprint_hard_disk_300Most of the external hard drive enclosures we have reviewed, up until now, have simply been a way of interfacing a hard drive with a PC (or Mac) externally to the machine.  This is obviously the most important factor when deciding about which enclosure or external hard drive system to purchase, but, for some, security is also a major issue.  The majority of external hard drives can be password protected using additional softwares however there are more efficient systems to limit use to one person i.e. fingerprint recognition.

Sandberg have recently released the Fingerprint Hard Disk Box 2.5: a silver, aluminium hard drive enclosure for 2.5" SATA hard drives.  Importantly the casing includes a fingerprint scanner, giving any installed drive a very high level of data security.  The Fingerprint Hard Disk Box 2.5 is very easy to build.  Drive installation is simply a case of connecting a 2.5" SATA hard drive to the SATA port, screwing the hard drive to the base plate, and then reassembling the enclosure.  The kit includes all of the required screws and even a small screwdriver.

The included software CD provides a simple utility for partitioning, which partitions the installed drive into two partitions (size is customisable), a public and secure partition.  As the names suggest, the public partition is accessable to anyone who uses the drive, whereas the secure partition is only accessable to the owner.  Fingerprint recognition is setup through a small application available on the secure partition.  Once setup, the secure part of the drive is only accessable by the owner either through use of the high resolution fingerprint scanner, or if a fingerprint is not recognised, through use of a security password (setup when the partition is first setup).  Whilst not in use the enclosure even comes with a faux leather carry sleeve to protect the enclosure and drive for damage.

The USB interface provides a reliably fast file transfer speed, and the drive also comes with Sandberg PCClone EX Lite backup software which allows the use of the one touch backup facility.  Using the software is simply a case of selecting the files or folders that you want to be backed up and pushing the button on the front of the enclosure to backup those files whenever you feel the need.

The Fingerprint Hard Disk Box 2.5 provides a really excellent alternative to the expenditure for a laptop with biometric fingerprint analysis.  With the increase in data theft it provides a cheap way in which to protect important data, such as bank records, personal information etc whether personal or as part of your everyday job.  As with all Sandberg products it comes with their standard 5 year guarantee as well as having the backup of their dedicated support line.  Retailing at ~£40 it provides a very high level of security for those that need to protect their files.

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