External Data Storage: Hipoint smart mobile storage enclosure (OEM)

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The Hipoint smart mobile storage (hard drive enclosure) is Hipoint smart mobile storage enclosure is a cheap OEM solution for backup using spare SATA or IDE/ATA drives (a different enclosure is available for each type).  There is a simple usb interface which allows standard transfer rates (up to 480MBps) of files between computer and hard drive.

The case is made of black aluminium plates sandwiched around a black metal mesh for the sides (presumably for heat dissapation).
Installation of the drives is relatively easy using four thumb screws at each corner of the housing. Although a little cramped installation of the dirve is straightforward using cables available in the case (SATA or IDE 40-pin dependant on enclosure).  The only slight drawback of the design of the case is that the mesh panels can become dislodged when installing the drive, and may take a little bit of fiddling in order to bring them back into place.

We installed a 250GB IDE Maxtor drive in our enclosure (spare from an old upgrade) and managed an install time of about 10 minutes.  The drive was recognised and accessable on Microsoft Windows XP SP2 within a couple of minutes (drivers for the controller are included on a CD for older operating systems).

The Hipoint smart mobile storage enclosure is in my opinion good value for money and seems a nice stable storage solution for people on a budget.

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Novatech: Hipoint smart mobile storage enclosure (OEM)